Oil Change in Georgetown, TX and Round Rock, TX

Oil Change in Georgetown, TX and Round Rock, TX | Auto-Spec

An oil change service is a necessary auto service that you cannot miss, even if it may seem like a chore you want to put off. Regular oil changes help keep your car, SUV, or truck on the road as motor oil has lubricating and cooling properties for the engine. At Auto-Spec in Georgetown, TX and Round Rock, TX, we can assist you with your vehicle’s oil changes no matter what kind of make or model vehicle you own.

Since 2003, our family-owned and operated shop has performed countless oil changes. We use premium motor oil and have access to all the tools necessary to perform quality oil changes. With every oil service, our ASE certified technicians will perform an inspection to ensure there aren’t impending problems with your vehicle. When you choose Auto-Spec, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

Auto-Spec - Oil Change in Georgetown, TX and Round Rock, TX

As the oil moves through the various engine components it lubricates and cleans the deposits caused by an internal combustion. These deposits cause the oil to turn dark. Oil has detergents and additives that break down over time that is why we change oil. Infrequent oil changes accelerate wear on the bearings, lifters and rings and other internal parts. A good analogy would be washing clothes. If your clothes are dirty and you don’t add enough detergent to the wash then your clothes don’t come out clean, and are likely to have residual stains if not laundered properly.

How Often Should You Get An Oil Change?

At Auto-Spec, we recommend getting an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles or at the interval specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Typically, synthetic oil will last longer in your engine than conventional oil. In other words, the type of oil you use and your driving habits will be a factor in determining how often you should have this service done.

If you are unsure when your car needs an oil change, we welcome you to visit the local experts at Auto-Spec. Our mechanics can inspect your engine oil and determine if it is due for replacement. We can help you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your engine by helping you stay on top of your oil changes and other vital maintenance.

Our auto repair facility always puts you and your best interests first. That is why we go above and beyond for your vehicle services. To give you the best customer experience possible, we have a flexible 24/7 vehicle drop-off, complimentary local shuttle service, and a cozy waiting room with free wifi where you can work from. Additionally, we offer a 2-Year/24,000-Mile TechNet Nationwide Warranty on all qualified repairs.

If you need an oil change, please do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call or visit one of our two convenient locations today. We look forward to seeing you at Auto-Spec in Georgetown, TX and Round Rock, TX!

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