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Personal vehicle emissions add to the air pollution in many states. As a responsible driver, you care about aiding the national effort to reduce vehicle emissions—not just because all states have a vehicle emissions limit, but also because a vehicle that exceeds emissions limits is generally in poor repair, decreasing its safety and reliability. Because you depend on your vehicle for day-to-day needs, you want to keep it in the best repair possible. Our shop keeps your car in top condition by offering comprehensive emissions testing as well as superior customer service.

During an emissions test, our technicians will connect a device to the tailpipe of your vehicle while the engine is running to measure your automobile’s emissions while it is idle and while it is revving. We will compare our results to the state standards for your vehicle. We also check to make sure that your muffler is in good shape, and we will also make sure that your hoses and pipes are properly connected and working well.

From the moment you walk through our door until you leave satisfied with the results, our team strives to supply only the best service to you and your vehicle.

Many shops focus only on completing the work order, but our dedicated technicians go above and beyond to exceed your customer service expectations. Put our service to the test by calling our shop or stopping in to schedule an emissions test for your vehicle today!

You are required to have an emission inspection performed on your vehicle if you are planning on registering it in the state of Texas. We can perform this state inspection and provide you with the needed paperwork to register your vehicle. You will need to show proof of insurance at the time of the inspection. If your vehicle has a Check Engine Light on your vehicle will fail the inspection and will need to be diagnosed by the technician and additional diagnosis fees will apply. Your service consultant will advise you if this is the case. The most common misconception we hear regarding Check Engine Lights (or Service Engine Soon lights) is that you must pull the car over right away and stop driving.

This is not entirely true. The check engine light is an emissions-related light that indicates a potential problem with your car. The ECU (vehicle’s computer system) stores over 200 different codes that could set off that light. The proper way of diagnosing the light is to hook the vehicle up to a diagnostic scanner such as what we use here, a Snap-On Modis. This scanner communicates with your vehicle’s ECU and retrieves that particular code(s). That code is just the beginning of a diagnostic flowchart which we must follow to test certain parameters of a part or sensor. You can still drive the car, but get it checked out soon. Texas Law now automatically fails your annual inspection if this light is on.

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